Remembering Dunholme Lodge

Will you remember when I'm old,
to tell the stories still untold
Of airmen lost without a trace, who's ghostly figures with no face

Decend upon this darkened night,
to give the living quite a fright
They left this base all in good cheer, with hidden thoughts and deadly fear

Enthused by others gone before,
full-bodied soles returned once more
Although the fate of every kite, concealed within the dark of night

Remain aloft but with one aim,
to bring back crews from a deadly game
But those who fall beside the way, will haunt the living till their dying day.

John C Haywood Copyright © Poetry In Action

No Return to Fulbeck

He's not returned as some one said, although he should have been in bed
He left last night to fill a place, the aircrafts lost without a trace

The crews fell ill they're one man short, old Charlie said they'll not abort
A volunteer the CO said, old Charlie now is surley dead

Three sorties done and home for leave, his family have been left to grieve
I'll wait awhile on the watchtower roof, to know he's dead I want the proof.

 John C Haywood Copyright © Poetry In Action

Lost Without Trace Waddington

We met them in the White Hart pub, to sample Ted the landlords grub
The crew a very cheerful bunch, enjoyed the darts, and wartime lunch

They seemed quite keen about the flight, but never thought that on this night
That 'G' for George their faithful kite, would wallow then fade out of site

But unbeknown to those at base, this ship would be a bitter waste
All contact on this fateful trip, by morse had actually reached their ship

No hope they said, it's well past two, of any signal coming through
Transmissions fading into space, on radar neither echo's trace

Youthful airmen of our time, extinguished in their hour of prime.

John C Haywood Copyright  © Poetry In Action

First Op's Hemswell

Bombed up and fuelled we are waiting to go
but the pressure and tension is beginning to show

This is the big one the training is past
how long will it take us, how long will it last

The throttles are open ever nearer the fence
can we gain height now, all faces are tense

A gasp as we unstick and climb through the night
thumb's up for the a/c's who service this kite

We're soon over the target and the flack is quite thick
as the bomb-aimer shouts loudly 'I've released the full stick'

We finish the bomb run and turn to head back
then suddenly without warning comes a deafening crack

The port outer engine has started to smoke
but we all hold our station no usual joke

We shut down and feather as we head for our base
and the radar shows clearly, not even a trace

The battle is homeward soon Hemswell's in sight
but before we all know it, we're on the next flight.

John C Haywood Copyright © Poetry In Action


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